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Founded by the great grandson of Daniel Boone, this spot was the town’s main building; it was used as a courtroom, post office, and, on Saturday nights, a church after all the booze was covered from the prying eyes of the good Lord by God-fearing parishioners.

It’s cute how every hipster enclave in America now has its own little bourbon bar.

But long before skinny jeans and drinking brown booze was cool, Abraham Lincoln, Jesse James, and Daniel Boone were knocking 'em back at this Bardstown joint.

Talbott Tavern's the oldest bourbon bar in America, and still displays both bullet holes courtesy of Mr.

This spot on the Connecticut River in the tiny town of Essex actually still operates as a working hotel AND bar, and was actually a British command center during the War of 1812.

Much as we’re sure that interests you, the REALLY cool part is that it was also used as a filming locale for America’s second-oldest bar goes to great lengths to keep it real with the folks who founded it, offering Dutch, English, and Swedish food, as well as what they claim is the largest selection of Belgian beers in Delaware.

Today Smitty Smith's is the best dive bar in Honolulu -- or at least the best one not filled with guys Dog is hunting -- and a part of the popular First Fridays block party.

This 100-plus-year-old structure also has the distinction of being the tallest building constructed in Idaho in 1907. Not only does this boozer boast its original hardwood floors, but there are still eight rooms upstairs in which patrons can crash.In New York this would likely lead to your bar getting picketed (unless you put it in Williamsburg to be “ironic”), but in Alabama it makes you one of the most popular spots in Mobile.When the sun doesn’t come out for a month, it’s nice to have a friendly dive bar where you can go to drink until sunrise... This little spot in the largest city on Kodiak Island (is there more than one city?Jean Lafitte's used to be a hangout for pirates and other carriers of contraband -- and then a gay bar in the 1950s -- before becoming a nice, quiet little pub on America's most raucous street.A plaque out front of this Freeport restaurant and bar proclaims it as the “Birthplace of Maine,” since it was the supposed meeting spot for citizens of the Province of Maine seeking independence from Massachusetts.While nothing of great historical significance happened here, the 35-foot mahogany bar did survive the “other” great Chicago fire at The Mc Cormick Place in 1967 before finding its new home in Long Grove.


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